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10.1992 Emilio Barrantes (guitars) and Manuel Alberati (vocals) form TIBURÓN (spanish for shark) in Zofingen Switzerland.
03.1993 M.S. joins on drums.
09.1993 Pipo Muntwyler (bass guitar) completes the line-up.
1994 After some personal problems Ludi DeTotaro replaces M.S. on drums. Some gigs take place and in June TIBURÓN enters the studio to record their first Mini-CD The Underdark, which was released in December. Right after the release of the MCD the drummer leaves the band and as nobody is found to replace him, a drum machine is the only solution for the band.
1995 More gigs and writing of a new cd take place.
07.1996 Recordings for the first full length cd Join Us.
12.1996 Join Us cd is released in a very limited edition, which is sold out immediately. This CD contains 12 songs, including "Drop by Drop" which also can be found on the Voices of Death compilation-cd.
11.1997 TIBURÓN releases a 12" Picture–EP called Tales of Malice limited to 100 copies with 4 new tracks.
12.1997 Peter Erni joins on rhythm guitar.
05.1998 A second 12" Picture-EP called Sphereshifting is released, also limited to 100 copies, featuring 5 tracks.
08.1998 Because TIBURÓN tries to be more innovative, the idea grew to have a ferocious female voice in the band. So the additional singer Monika Bolliger joins the crew with her aggressive and powerful throat.
12.1998 Release of the Tiburón Ataca cd, including 10 songs which have previously been released on the picture discs.
12.1999 Pipo Muntwyler leaves the band and Patrick Smonig takes over the bass duties.
2000 Release of the MCD Death-Rate-Sequencer with 6 tracks.
2001 Release of the split-single Total Fucking Chaos with the swiss grindcore band Animal Cannibal Process.
2002 Peter Erni leaves the band because of private priority reasons. Recordings for the Into the Core CD take place, but unfortunately the CD keeps unreleased.
2003 The band releases on their own label a split-7" single called Spout Forth Annihilation with swiss deathmongers of Eyes See Red. The band also records new songs for a future release.
03.2006 Release of the 5'906'376'000 Mission Pluto cd as a limited edition of 300 copies. More recordings take place for the follow-up: Mission Neptune.
01.2008 Release of the Under Air Attack split-7". Monika Bolliger (vocals) and Patrick Smonig (bass) decide to leave.